Enhance Enterprise Security with CCTV

Closed circuit television (CCTV) continues its reign of surveillance. If you sympathize with the people who disagree with the use of video surveillance in public places, then replace reign of surveillance with invasion of privacy.

However you look at it, CCTV has had its share of successes in solving crimes. If it cannot deter criminals, then at least it can assist in the identification of criminals; this is still a very good argument for the use of video surveillance in public places.

When you identify a suspect, you should not hesitate about calling authorities with information. You have to remember that your diligence and promptness can help authorities save lives, including yours. Besides, you and the rest of the community have a hand in keeping our society peaceful, a duty towards country, if you will.

These being said, maybe the next time you do see accessories to CCTV like security and surveillance cameras, you might see the other side of the coin.

Vector Dubai, one of the companies that support CCTV Systems Dubai offers the most up to date equipment, advice, design and installation of your CCTV systems. Whether it’s a single or multiple camera installation, we offer standard CCTV Code of Practice and our systems have been installed on private premises, listed buildings, hotels, film studios, corporate headquarters and educational facilities such as Universities and Colleges.

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